An Interview with Michael Jamieson - Olympic Athlete

We're delighted to be supporting Michael Jamieson as he prepares for the Olympic Games 2016. Jamieson takes a range of our superfod powders to help keep him in top health. Jamieson kindly took a few minutes out of his busy training schedule to talk to Roxy and answer some questions about his diet and training and why he loves Marvellous Superfood.

Michael Jamieson Marvellous superfood

  •  What is you training schedule in the run up to the 2016 games?

I'm just back from a great training camp in Perth & Melbourne! The camp was really productive & it's always nice to get away from the wind & rain at home!

From now - I have a few races throughout March in Marseille & Barcelona, to tune up for the Olympic Trials in April. That's when I'll be racing for my place in Rio. There are 2 qualification berths per event. In my event, the 200m Breaststroke, there are currently 4 guys ranked inside the top 10 in the world so it's really competitive! It's an exciting but nerve wracking time - 4 years of training since the last Games are on the line as I go for selection.

  •  When will you travel to Rio ahead of the games?

Team GB will have an official holding camp in Brazil a few weeks before the Games when we will train & build relationships within the team. After this, we will travel to Rio & into the Olympic Village which is an amazing experience. Every athlete inside the village has been through their own journey to become an 'Olympian'. It's real celebration of sport!

  • What’s a typical days diet in the life of Michael Jamieson?

I can eat up to 6,000 calories a day when training volume is at its highest! During these periods, it feels like I never stop eating!

Currently though, as we approach competition season, there's more structure to the daily diet. I always have a healthy portion of porridge before morning training with plenty of fruit & my marvellous products! Super protein or Cacao! I eat a lot of fish, try to avoid too much grilled meat & have 7-9 pieces of fruit & veg per day!

  • What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love sweets! I try not to have too many but there's always a bag or two in the house!

  •  Which physical aspect of yourself are you most proud of?

Being a breaststroke swimmer, it's a leg dominant stroke so I spend a lot of time developing power & strength in them through squatting, jumping & explosive movements.

  •  What first attracted you to Marvellous Superfood products?

Diet & nutrition is a key area in elite sport & I felt the products offered by Marvellous could give me an added benefit to training through accelerated recovery & having more energy to train!

  • Which is your favourite product from the range?

The super protein is great - being a mix of the best ingredients but the cacao powder & coconut blossom sugar are really versatile - you can add them to almost anything.

  • How do you take your favourite product?

I add the products to my porridge every morning & also in a nutribullet shake that I have once per day, packed with fruit & vegetables!

  • Do you feel that superfoods have boosted your performance?

Yes, I think they help vary your diet, great additives to help spice up your meals & shakes. I've also been working to reduce overall body fat so the products can really help with that too.

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