Organic Beetroot Powder

We’ve recently introduced organic beetroot powder to our range. This vibrant powder is proving extremely popular. It can be used to add extra nutrients, colour and sweetness to superfood smoothies but it is also fantastic for sugar free baking.

The earthy flavour compliments  chocolate. It can be mixed with cacao powder and cacao butter or coconut oil to create sugar free chocolate and truffles. For extra sweetness add a few spoons of our organic lacuma powder.

Beetroot powder is also excellent is asian cooking. Add it to tandoori or curries to givea  lovely red colour that is often only possible with artificial food colouring.

Beetroot powder is relatively sweet so add it to your recipes a teaspoon at a time until you reach the desired colour or flavour.

For more ideas on how to use beetroot powder, or any of our products in your recipes, check out our recipe page.