Raw, Welsh, Heather Honey

We sell Raw, Welsh, Heather honey
Welsh Heather honey has a strong, almost smoky taste and a unique jelly like consistency. Much prized by honey connoisseurs.


What’s So Special About Heather Honey?
Heather honey is a very special beast. Dark in color, it has a powerful aroma that is reminiscent of the heather from which it comes. Uniquely, it has a very unusual texture: it is thixotropic, which means it is like jelly until you stir it, when it turns liquid. When you stop stirring, it soon sets again. That’s not to say it crystallizes, because this honey is not inclined to crystallize in its pure form. It also contains tiny bubbles, which makes it shimmer in the light. Its strong, rich, smoky taste has been compared to toffee, and gets stronger the longer the honey is stored. In Great Britain, it is highly prized by connoisseurs and known as the “Rolls Royce” of honey.