The Marvellous family needs your help!

We have to get our most loved product nutritionally analysed in order to keep it on sale, so we’ve decided to offer fantastic discounts and subscription deals to all of our customers, old and new.

New laws state that we have to display the nutritional content on all products. The cost of the analysis for our blend is around £5,000 and we simply don’t have that kind of money sitting in the bank. It has to be done by 2016 or we’ll have to stop selling our beloved blend!

Marvellous Superfood has never been about profit. Our main focus is producing excellent products and making them available to all. A substantial number of the packages we send out each day go to people suffering from cancer or other serious conditions. We don’t profit from people’s misfortune and are proud to offer our products at the cheapest possible price to those who are battling with ill health.

We run the company as ethically and economically as humanly possible but we’ve had some big expenses recently. The expansion of our production space from a home environment into a dedicated facility has made it much easier for us to operate but has left us strapped for cash. So jump on board and help us keep this budding business afloat!

So we’re running a crowd funding campaign to try and raise the fund. Please get involved!