Worldwide Maca Shortage

We’re sad to report that due to a worldwide shortage we don’t currently have any maca for sale. The Peruvian plant has quickly become a firm favourite with many of our customers but in recent months the price of this potent Peruvian plant has gone sky high and we’ve struggled to source any powder at a price that we’re willing to pay.

According to numerous reports the problem lies in Peru where Chinese dealers are approaching maca farmers with large amounts of cash. The dealers are buying up entire crops and smuggling it into China to process and reproduce. Numerous Peruvian farmers have been tempted by the high cash prices and have broken contracts with buyers around the world without thinking about the long term impact of the deals.

There are strict laws in place in Peru designed to protect local business – all maca must be processed within the country. But due to a lack of border control the plant has been exported in a raw state, roots, seeds and all.

Maca is native to Peru – it thrives at high altitude and flourishes in the unique soil of the Andean mountains. In recent weeks maca has started to reappear on the UK market place. But most of it is Chinese and according reports it is inferior quality to the maca we know and love. We hope to be able to offer genuine Peruvian Maca to our customers in a month or two, when the market improves, until then we will continue to offer it in our Super Protein blend.

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