Buckwheat & Beetroot Blinis


1 egg
1 cup buckwheat flour
2 tbl beetroot powder
1-2 cups of milk (can use nut or soya)
Oil for cooking

Toppings of your choice


Put the egg, flour, and beetroot, and 1 cup of the milk in blender. Whizz it up, add more milk until you have a fairly thick batter. Heat a frying pan or a skillet, add a tiny bit of coconut oil, olive oil, or butter – just enough to prevent sticking. Dollop the batter onto the skillet, use about 1tbl per blini, turn over after about 30 seconds or when the underside is cooked and golden. Transfer the blinis to a plate to cool before topping with whatever takes your fancy – sweet or savoury! We’ve used Greek yoghurt, trout and avocado. But you can use any combination you want: cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, peanut butter and jam, yoghurt, honey fruit, etc.