Compostable everything.

We’re switching over to compostable packaging!

Over the last 2 years we have been on a mission to replace all of our packing with 100% compostable alternatives.

We have found it a surprisingly difficult task to find genuine eco-friendly packaging. Even though there seems more and more recyclable products being made available every month, the issue we’ve found is that many are recyclable but only if they are sent to certain centres. If they are placed in home recycling which, let’s be honest, that’s exactly where they will be heading, they will simply be thrown back into the general landfill pile when being sorted.

Even if they make it in to the recycling only 9% of Uk recycling actually gets recycled, much of it gets shipped off and dumped abroad.

I even found a company that claimed they had Biodegradable bags, but when I asked for details, this was their response:

“Oxo-Biodegradable plastics are basically the same conventional hydrocarbon-based plastics that we see on a day to day basis, but with the addition of an oxo-additive catalyst. This facilitates its breakdown in the open environment when in the presence of oxygen. These will break down the plastics into smaller fragments that cannot be visible. Biodegradable plastics break down into smaller and smaller particles, which ultimately become a mass of micro beads which often end up in the sea. These products do reduce environmental impact to some extent, but are creating new challenges too.”

They even added that we should provide instructions to our customers to “dispose of them with your general waste”.

That’s just not Biodegradable, eco-friendly nor planet-focussed! That’s just an example of a company jumping on the popular eco-friendly bandwagon by selling products that either have to go to a specialist facility in order to be recycled, or eventually just turn into microplastics that cause their own harm to the environment. 

If you want to be truly eco then compostable packaging is the only way, the good news is that there is lots of compostable packaging to be found! Here is my list of 100% compostable alternatives:

  • Everyday see-through plastic bags can be replaced with plant cellulose. It looks like plastic, acts like plastic, but breaks down like plants! Widely available – we buy ours from
  • Our stand up pouches fully break down in your home compost in just 10 weeks! We buy ours from
  • We have 100% recycled, untreated labels. We buy ours from
  • Our paper tape and unprinted cardboard boxes are from
  • We’ve even found vegan ink and upcycled custom wooden stamps from

Sadly compostable packaging is still more expensive than the planet polluting plastic alternative, but you can’t put a price on doing your bit for the planet.