Hello Hydrangea


Do you remember hydrangea shrubs from your childhood, lining the flower borders?
Well they’ve been making a comeback recently and since moving to our 8 acre smallholding in Wales we have been admiring their beauty.

Last year we took the plunge and started harvesting these glorious flowers and drying them to feature as eco decorations in our Vegan and gluten free hampers.

But this year we’ve harnessed their beauty some more and have launched an exclusive  Not on the HIgh Street  hydrangea range.  Why not pop over to have a look and let us know what you think.


The range includes;


So why do we love them so much?

The word hydrangea comes from the Greek words ‘Hydro’ meaning water and ‘Angos’ meaning barrel.  Together forming ‘’water barrel’!  Very apt for our 8 acre smallholding with its web of various ponds acting as a drainage system.  They are thriving here!

The unique blue hues of our hydrangeas are a real symbol of the natural properties of our land.  Typically a blue hydrangea would be a sign of soil that has a mix of naturally occurring aluminium and a low acidity (pH level).  Nature’s very own litmus test!

The mighty hydrangea has multiple meanings. 

In Japanese legends, the emperor would give them to the family of the girl he loved as a sign of his affection and care.

In the Victorian era they were a symbol of boastfulness, bragging and vanity.

In America they are given on the 4th wedding anniversary, symbolising appreciation and heartfelt emotion.


For us at Marvellous Superfood they symbolise our love for the land and appreciation of its bounty!  They bring us so much pleasure, watching them grow, anticipating the right time to harvest, hanging to dry and handcrafting into one of our new products in the dried flower range.


We never waste a bloom so you’ll also find smaller flower heads in our dried flower present toppers and the petals decorating our vegan and gluten free hampers.


So why not give a real heartfelt gift this year, with our hydrangeas, from our family to yours!