Eco-friendly Everything!

We love everything nature here at Marvellous Superfood and want to make as little an impact on the world around us, whilst bringing you the most amazing products that we can. We ensure we’re eco-friendly in a number of ways.

All of the boxes, and contents within, are made from 100% plant-based, recyclable and compostable eco-friendly packaging. So, the meadow hay and flowers that we pack, completely compostable and grown on-site. The cellophane bags that we use to store the cookies and marshmallows will break down in your home compost too, as they are made entirely of plant cellulose. Even the labels we use are recycled, uncoated paper!

We provide reusable glass jars for our cider mother vinegar and water kefir and lovely little bottles in our Mixology kits, we use ink stamps for decoration and we use eco-tape to secure the packaging up safe and tight.

That’s not all! We hand grow as much as we physically can here in Wales, such as the material used in our hamper packaging, the herbs, and all flowers! All products are also hand-packed with love… and with eco-friendly everything imaginable! Everything is organic, free from pesticides, and lovingly fed with Welsh well water. With the foods themselves, there are no added sugars or preservatives, either.

So if you want to purchase your protein powders with the peace of mind that they are sustainable and eco-friendly, we’re the place to come!

Why not take a look at our Hot Chocolate Mixology Box, as we are in love with how it looks (and tastes!). Perfect for a fun-filled day of mixing and matching to create your own flavour combinations, it’s a great activity for the kids!