Superfood Powder Soup Recipes

19 November 2012

Superfood Powder is extremely versatile and can be taken in numerous different ways. The only rule is don’t cook it! Many people add it to smoothies, but not everyone likes fruit so those with a more savoury palate can add Marvellous Superfood Powder t …

Superfood Smoothie Recipes

7 November 2012

Superfood powder can be used in a number of different recipes but the most popular is definitely a superfood smoothie. A superfood smoothie can contain almost any fruit or vegetable but we find that a base of banana with a twist of something zesty is a …

Marvellous Superfood Stockists

15 August 2012

Marvellous Superfood is now available in the following shops; Infinity Foods brighton 25 North Road Brighton East Sussex BN1 1YA. Planet Organic 22 Torrington Place
 WC1E 7HJ. Planet Organic 42 Westbourne Grove
 W2 5SH . Planet Organic 11 …

Call us any time

30 July 2012

If you would like any information about how to use our Marvellous Superfood, or anything else, please do call or e mail. 01570 493138

The Origins of Marvellous Superfood

30 July 2012

About ten years ago I was faced with a healing challenge in the form of a large tumour in my left thigh which developed in the area where I had ripped a muscle during a time of overworking as a Flamenco dancer and teacher. From the discovery of the lum …

Marvellous Superfood is blogging!

29 July 2012

Some news and happening stuff from your lovely green giant. Keep watching this space!