Superfood gift boxes and coconut oil

10% off all products for a limited time

14 November 2013

Dec 013 To celebrate the launch of our new product range we are offering 10% off all products ordered via the website for a limited only. To benefit from this fantastic offer simply enter the code NEWRANGE during the checkout process. New product range …

Zeta and Perly will be at Simply Marvellous Camden on sunday 24th nov

5 November 2013

We are extremely excited about the opening of our first official outlet in Camden and have decided to visit the shop and give out marvellous free things to everyone that comes to see us. Zeta and Perly will be at Simply Marvellous Camden on Sunday the …

The importance of nutrients

30 October 2013

By Roxy Freeman A nutrient dense, balanced diet is key to health and wellbeing so why do healthcare professionals rarely educate patients on nutrition and lifestyle changes? Numerous scientific studies show that illnesses such as: heart disease, diabet …

Rice milk smoothie recipe

Superfood Smoothie Recipes. How do you take yours?

17 October 2013

This is where we share the wonderful superfood recipes sent to our Facebook page or Twitter account. There’s everything from smoothies and juices to ice cream and pancakes! If you’d like to share a recipe with us please email recipe …

Organic Red Maca Powder

10 October 2013

Red Maca powder is the ground root of the red maca plant. It is thought to have a beneficial affect on energy levels and vitality as well as a balancing effect on the hormonal system. Maca powder is around 10% protein, 10% fibre and 60% carbohydrate. I …

Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

10 October 2013

Another new addition to our catalogue of top quality health supplements, is our organic coconut oil. Our coconut oil is pressed from peeled dried and shredded organic coconuts. The oil is simply filtered and packaged. Not bleached or pasteurised. Cocon …

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

10 October 2013

We’re think our Marvellous Superfood blend is the perfection combination of powerful powders, but understand that some people might prefer to have more or less of one particular ingredient. With this in mind we have decided to offer all powders individ …

Superfood in Porridge.

2 October 2013

Here is the link to a fantastic blog about Superfood in Porridge. Green porridge? Don’t mind if I do. by HJ Fantaskis

Superfood powder review

2 October 2013

Thank you to Food Matters for this great review of our Marvellous Superfood powder. Marvellous Superfood – a highly nutritious blend of 7 organic, raw s …