SuperFood Super Juice

2 October 2013

Jodie & Viv’s SuperFood Super Juice So we have been trying out our Marvellous Superfood in lots of different recipes, and today we devised this juice that is fantastic both for boosting the metabolism …

Raw superfood ice cream.

2 October 2013

Thank you linda for sharing your Raw superfood ice cream recipe with us. to try more of Linda’s recipes check out the link at the bottom. Lindajoy’s raw superfood ice cream recipe. MINT CHOC CHIP 1 frozen banana (cut into chunks before sticking in the …

superfood smoothie’s

2 October 2013

The life house in lytham use marvellous superfood in all their green smoothie’s they have some great recipes click on the link below.

Organic hemp protein 50%

2 October 2013

We sell Organic Hemp protein Powder The essential amino acids found in hemp cannot be produced by the body but are essential for a thriving healthy system. According to hempseed is a complete protein source and the only plant capable …

Happy Mum to be

2 August 2013

Here is word for word the wonderful message we just received from a very happy lady and regular user of Marvellous Superfood: “After trying to get pregnant for over 3 years I finally gave up and accepted that at age 44 it was probably not going to happ …

Marvellous Superfood now with Organic Hemp Protein!!!

12 June 2013

I am delighted to say that we have made a wonderful change to our initial fabulous Marvellous Superfood formula, and have replaced spinach powder with Organic Hemp Protein powder. Hemp powder has a delicious nutty flavour and so many benefits we just c …

Marvellous Superfood cures cystitis testimonial

12 June 2013

I was recently contacted by a devoted user of Marvellous Superfood who told me that her cystitis of many years standing cleared completely not long after she started to take our super green powder. Here is another comment recently received from happy M …


2 May 2013

We have 250 100g bags of our original spinach Superfood powder on offer while stocks last. The powder has a use by date of May 2014 so plenty of life still in it! The bags were put aside for a wholesale supplier who has pulled out so we’ve decided to o …

Marvellous Superfood New & Improved Blend with Hemp!

2 May 2013

Our Superfood blend is now even more powerful and nutritious. We’ve replaced the spinach powder with 100% organic hemp protein powder. All 100-gram bags will contain our new blend with immediate affect. The 450-gram bags will contain the original blend …