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19 April 2013

If you would like any information about how to use our Marvellous Superfood, or anything else, please do call or e mail. 01570 493138

“Let your medicine be your food and food be your medicine” Hippocrates

1 March 2013

Extensive research suggests that the ingredients found in Marvellous Superfood can provide the following nutrients and reported benefits: Chlorella – Abundent in Chlorphyll and carotenoids -60% protein -Densley packed with vitamins and minerals Spiruli …

Superfood For Health

17 February 2013

Are you, or is someone close to you battling a serious health problem? You may be eligible to buy our superfood at a discounted rate. Send us a private message with a brief description of your illness and we’ll get back to you with a discount code to e …

Come and Say Hello

15 February 2013

Come and See us on Facebook and Twitter. We have lots of Recipes and Smoothie ideas. How do you take yours?

Superfood Offer

13 February 2013

Were Giving You 10% off our 100g bags from now until march 15th please enter this offer code at the checkout EVERYONEISAWINNER .

Superfood Porridge

7 February 2013

Superfood Porridge! On our recent trip to London we met three people who put superfood in there porridge, i have to admit i was sceptical at first, but iv been looking for new ways of taking it for a wile, so i decided to give it a go. It turns the por …

Superfood Powder Benefits

30 January 2013

The benefits of taking Marvellous Superfood are so many it’s impossible to list in a short blog but here are just some of the benefits that people consistently report: Lustrous hair and skin. Increased energy within minutes of ingestion. Better digesti …

Green Superfood Powder

30 January 2013

Marvellous Superfood is a delicious, healthy, easy to take 100% Organic, Gluten Free, green superfood powder. It is a harmonious blend of seven nutrient rich superfoods: chlorella spirulina, barley-grass, wheat-grass, kelp, spinach and beetroot. What i …


29 January 2013

I know lots of kids who love Marvellous Superfood. Josie for example, aged 10, has a teaspoonful blended with fresh orange juice and a banana every single day. She says “My green smoothies are yummy and make me feel energetic and in a good mood.” Her 2 …