Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Hunting for a hot chocolate that is sugar free and doesn’t contain any nasty artificial sweeteners You’ve just found it! Our Super Cacao is an all natural drinking chocolate that’s as good for you as it is delicious. Made from raw cacao powder, and sweetened with palmyra palm nectar which is an unrefined low GI sweetener the only other thing we’ve added is high quality Madagascan vanilla bean powder. This luscious trio of ingredients results in a sugar free drinking chocolate that tastes luxurious and lavish but is actually good for you! Yep chocolate just got healthy 🙂 Want some even more good news? Our lovely palmyra palm nectar wont spike your blood sugar levels at all. It is actually proven to aid a restful sleep. So give yourself a guilt free treat today with the ultimate all natural sugar free hot chocolate blend in the UK.


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