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SuperFood Super Juice

So we have been trying out our Marvellous Superfood in lots of different recipes, and today we devised this juice that is fantastic both for boosting the metabolism and detoxifying the body. We admit, it’s not for the faint-hearted and certainly packs a punch (also, it doesn’t look pretty), but it does absolute wonders for the body! Sweeten with a little honey if needed.

200ml Pineapple Juice (pressed and not from concentrate)
Juice of 1 lemon Thumb size piece of ginger – chopped
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
Small shake of Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Marvellous Superfood
Handful of Ice

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Ok, so here are just some of the reasons why this juice so good for you: Pineapple – full of Vitamins (A & C) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus and potassium), rich in fibre and great for digestion. Lemons – are a diuretic and cleanse your system, flushing toxins from your body; are high in Vitamin C and so boost your immune system and helps to keep your skin clear; help to fight hunger cravings and can therefore with weight loss. Ginger – improves absorption of nutrients into the body; is a great digestive aid and can alleviate sickness, nausea and tummy upsets. Cinnamon – can help to regulate blood sugar levels, helping to maintain stable energy levels; Cayenne Pepper – great for breaking up and moving congested mucus, helping to alleviate flu and cold symptoms; is a great digestive aid; is known as a circulatory stimulant so fantastic for detoxifying Marvellous Superfood – the many ingredients are great for energy boosting and increasing resistance to illness, and its absolutely packed with essential nutrients. With all these great benefits, why not just go ahead and drink it up!

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