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Organic Beetroot powder

£4.32 £5.40

Our Beetroot powder offers a vibrant colour and earthy flavour to sweet and savoury dishes, and can be used with chocolate and smoothies, too.

It's a great natural food colouring as it imparts little to no flavour if used sparingly.

Beetroot contains high levels of potassium, nitrates, magnesium and iron. Clinical trials show that beetroot can help normalise blood pressure and improve muscle function.

There is 112g of fresh beet jam-packed into 1 tablespoon of this powder!

Discover our Detox smoothie recipe with beetroot powder.

All products are 100% vegan-friendly, organic, plant based and free from dairy, gluten and soya.

All packaging is 100%  compostable & eco-friendly.

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We are proud to source all of our ingredients from certified organic suppliers with exceptional fair-trade standards and ethics. Fair-trade plantations provide vital employment to many local people, especially women, who can work close to home and get paid a fair living wage. The beetroot used to create the powder is produced in the optimum soil and production conditions that it requires to be at it's best quality, and it is grown in Germany.


Beetroot... and nothing else!