Hot Chocolate Mixology Kit


The perfect collection for the hands-on chocolate lover, have fun mixing, matching and creating amazing combinations to satisfy that sweet tooth!


Our organic drinking chocolate is a multi award winning deep, rich chocolate with undertones of aromatic vanilla and a touch of sweetness. This kit allows you to team our rich organic drinking chocolate with new tastes such as rose, cinnamon, chilli, orange and vanilla!

The two essences are packaged in lovely brown bottles with a useful pipette screw top lid, to ensure that you can accurately control the number of drops you add to your drink! The spices also come in clearly labelled small, corked bottles. Everything is kept snug and safe in a bed of meadow hay, finished with a sprinkle of dried flowers.

All products are 100% vegan-friendly, organic, plant based and free from dairy, gluten and soya.

The Hot Chocolate Mixology Kit contains:
Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar – 150g
Organic Drinking Chocolate – 150g
Orange essence
Vanilla essence
All spice
Dried rose buds – 10
Two recipes to try

Please note that the ingredient amounts used in the suggested recipes will depend on the size of the cup, mug or jug you are using. It is advised to test the taste along the way and alter the measurements to suit your own preferences!

Please supervise children at all times, especially around hot liquids and the spices.

Please take extra care when handling the chilli powder.

All box contents are made from 100% plant-based, recyclable and compostable eco-friendly packaging.

Marvellous Superfood is a multi-award winning Welsh family business, specialising in high quality, all natural food, drink and superfood. Our products are entirely plant based and sweetened with nature. Everything is hand-made in Wales.