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Start your day off the best way with a superfood smoothie bowl! They are easy on the stomach, sensationally scrumptious and will provide you with a perfect boost of energy with their high content of protein, amino acids and vitamins.


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Packed full of protein, amino acids and vitamins, a superfood smoothie is easy on the stomach and provides you with a perfect boost of energy to start your day! A smoothie makes for a simple, delicious and nutritious breakfast!

Contains Wellbeing Blend, which consists of seven organic grasses, greens and algae. Regular users of this blend report an improved immune system, more energy and clearer skin. Red Maca is 100% pure, raw and dried Peruvian Red Maca powder, which helps to regulate, support and balance your hormones. It is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. Nutrient Pure packs a powerful punch with over 55% protein! It’s sweetened with organic coconut sugar and flavoured with raw Ecuadorian cacao and Madagascan vanilla, giving it it a gorgeous creamy texture and an utterly delicious, mild flavour. Our organic drinking chocolate is a multi award winning deep, rich chocolate with undertones of aromatic vanilla and a touch of sweetness.

Crunchy freeze dried strawberries paired with Boundless activated nuts makes the perfect breakfast topper combination. Just add a dairy free yogurt of your choice. Everything you need to make no blend smoothie bowls!

All products are 100% vegan-friendly, organic, plant based and free from dairy, gluten and soya.

Smoothie Bowl Box contains:
Wellbeing Blend - 35g
Red Maca - 35g
Freeze Dried Strawberries - 10g
Nutrient Pure Protein - 35g
Organic Drinking Chocolate - 35g
Boundless Activated Nuts and Seeds - 30g
Smoothie recipe card and product information.

Boundless Activated Nuts and Seeds: Pecan Nuts, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Maple Syrup (11.2%), Ginger (1.2%), Salt, Orange Peel Powder (0.7%).

N.B. Alongside the nuts listed in the ingredients, this product may contain traces of other nuts, peanuts and/or sesame seeds.

All box contents are made from 100% plant-based, recyclable and compostable eco-friendly packaging.

Marvellous Superfood is a multi-award winning Welsh family business, specialising in high quality, all natural food, drink and superfood. Our products are entirely plant based and sweetened with nature. Everything is hand-made in Wales.