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All natural sugar free hot chocolate rich in Vitamin B12.A decadent blend of cold pressed, raw cacao, palmyra jaggery and Madagascan vanilla. 100% organic, free from refined sugars and dairy but packed full of goodness.OrganicRawCold pressed cacao100% naturalFull of healthy mineralsNon GMOGluten FreeVeganCacao is one of nature’s richest sources of magnesium and antioxidants. Considered the drink of the gods by the Incas, cacao is known as the “Bliss Drug because it’s packed full of anandamide – an essential fatty acid that releases endorphins in the brain.  We’ve blended our exceptionally high quality Ecuadorian cacao with Madagascan vanilla and sweetened it with Palmyra Jaggery. Jaggery is the sweet nectar from the blossom of the palmyra palm. It’s the only bio-available, plant-based source of Vitamin B12 found in Nature. It is both alkaline and alkalising. Palmyra jaggery does not cause blood sugar spikes and can help curb cravings for refined sugar and refined carbs.Super Cacao is sweetened with the nectar from the blossom of the palmyra palm – unlike sugar, this ‘jaggery’ is well know for its calming affects and may aid a restful sleep if drunk before bed. It is equally good in the morning as cacao stimulates endorphin production giving you that feel good vibe throughout the day

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150g, 450g

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