Hemp Protein Sugar Free Choc Truffles

These truffles pack a seriously powerful punch. They’re raw, contain no sugar and are free from dairy. But let’s not focus on what’s not in them, lets look at what IS in them. These little flavour explosions are seriously energy boosting and are ideal as a post workout snack. They contain hemp powder, which is a complete protein, and is rich in omega 3 and 6. They’re naturally sweetened with lacuma powder. Lacuma is an Andean fruit which tastes like a cross betwen sweet potato and maple syrup. It’s caramelly and gorgeous but best of all it scores low on the glycemic index which means it wont spike your blood sugar levels. It’s packed full of antioxidents and boasts impressive levels of vitamins and minerals for something so yummy.

I’ve found that it’s hard to be precise when making chocolate or truffles from scratch. There are so many variables: The ambient temperature, how finely milled the powders are and the temperature of your hands. Using quantaties that worked one day might result in a mixture that’s too dry the next day.You need to use your culinary instincts to a certain degree. The mixture is spot on when it moulds into balls in your hand and doesnt crumble back into little pieces when squeezed. So here are the rough quantities:

80 g cacao butter (you could use coconut butter instead)
60 g lacuma powder
20 g cacao
15-20 g hemp protein
1/2 tsp vanilla powder or a few drops of  essence

40g cashew or other nut butter (optional)

Melt the cacao butter on a low heat. Take off the heat and add the lacuma, vanilla and cacao, stir well. If you’re making the nutty version add your nut buttter now – I blitzed up 40 grams of cashews in the Vitamix but you could use any good quality, pure nut butter.  Add the hemp protein a bit at a time until the mixture starts to come together. When you can mould it in your hands, but before it gets rumbly you’ve reached the right point. Make sure your hands are cold, run them under a cold tap in necessary. Mould the mixture into small bit sized balls (I got 16). Chill if you want the truffles to be a bit harder or eat them straight away if you like them soft.


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