Marvellous Superfood LTD is a true family business, run by three sisters  in the green valleys of west Wales. We are SALSA approved, small batch producers.

We run our company as ethically and sustainably as we possibly can. Using recycled and biodegradable products in our production and packaging process.

We carefully source every ingredient, for every product, ensuring that the highest possible fair trade standards are met and that the quality is unsurpassable. Shopping with us helps small communities and producers around the world make a fair living wage. We never out source our work. We employ local people. Offering flexible hours and a decent living wage, so parents can work around the school run and students can fund their studies.

Since 2012 we have gone from having one product, one retailer and a small Internet presence, to supplying an ever-expanding range of products to numerous prestigious outlets around the globe.
Despite the company’s success our feet remain firmly on the ground and our ethics burn strong. We do and will always run a family business, focused on offering the highest quality products at the most feasibly affordable prices.
Marvellous Superfood grew from a need for a high quality superfood blend that was affordable and accessible to all, and this continues to be our priority. We are pleased to offer a discount to those dealing with serious health challenges and offer regular deals and promotions to ensure our products are accessible by all. Our wish is to share the many benefits we have experienced with as many people as possible. After all Health is Wealth as the old saying goes.