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Renewed beyond expectations.

Renewed beyond expectations.

Renewed beyond expectations.

We formulated the Renewal blend in 2023 to help stabilise hormones, improve focus, and support physical strength and well-being. The blend combines raw, organic reishi, lion's mane, cordyceps, maca, pea protein, and cacao. 

Prior to launching the product, we ran a product trial with results that exceeded all our expectations. 

Our trial group consisted of women between the ages of 18 and 75. Each participant was given a bag of the new blend and instructed to begin with taking one teaspoon a day and working up to three tbs. This gradual increase would allow people's bodies to become accustomed to the adaptogens within the blend. 

The group members were all instructed to give regular feedback, reporting any effects from the blend or changes to their well-being. 

Within two weeks, a strong theme began to emerge. The majority of women who were still in their menstrual years noticed a significant improvement in the symptoms of their menstrual cycles. Even the trial member who suffered from Endometriosis reported significant improvement in her symptoms. 

The most common results included: 

  • Reduced or non-existent PMS
  • Reduced or non-existent ovulation and menstruation cramps
  • Shorter bleed phase
  • Lighter flow
  • Regulated cycle time
  • Higher energy levels throughout cycle 
  • More mental focus throughout cycle 

These results really took us by surprise. We felt like we had created a magical period fixer. 

The women in our trial group who are post-menopause reported:

  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • More mental focus 
  • Improved digestion


The renewal blend was launched following the trial, and we have been over the moon to have daily reviews from customers who have been released from their pain, stress, and exhaustion. 

 This is why we dedicate our time to creating superfood products of the highest quality available. It brings so much joy to help people with natural, organic products that do no harm. 


Following the success of the first trial, we decided to run a second trial focusing on sufferers of Endometriosis and severe period disorders. Again, the trial was a huge success, and the results astonished us. Below are some of the stories from our trial members.  


This hardworking mother of four reached out to us with this …

My periods are so bad my gynae keeps telling me to remove my uterus!!

Thank you! Since renewal, my periods are totally different to how they were. No cramping, night sweats or mood swings!  I'm going to get my daughter on it. She suffers terribly as well. 


This twenty-year-old woman was suffering so badly with her period it was affecting her daily life.

Update on the renewal blend!!!!!! I haven’t skipped a day for three weeks. Since I came off the pill two years ago my periods have been awful. Cramps and mood swings in the days before the first day where unbearable. 

I got my period today and hadn’t even realised it was due! No cramps or mood swings. And barely even feeling it today. Thank you’! 


This lady was desperate to help her daughter who suffers from severe endometriosis. 

Five different specialists were seen, and they recommended taking painkillers or going on the pill. Here are some of her feedback messages. 


The blend has really given her a boost in her energy levels as well. She hasn’t really been able to leave the house as she has essentially been bedridden, but the past week she has been out with friends three times. I mean that is massive ... we are noticing some massive differences. This is massive and such a benefit. I am actually so happy you have no idea ... I’m so glad she got the chance to try this honestly, so far it’s been a game changer.


It’s going really well she managed a sleep over with her friends last night which is amazing... the energy she's getting and being pain free for so long is a game changer. 

 It has even been helping with bowel movements. She usually number 2's for want of a better word. Once a week ... yes, it’s that bad. We have had her on the blend now for over a week and she has been five days in a row ... which is unheard of. Sorry for the TMI.

This lovely mother of four has suffered since giving birth to her last child eight years ago. Her menstrual cycle has been so irregular that she has had no obvious cycle at all. She has been bleeding most days for eight years!

Thank you, ladies! I have been taking renewal for two days and my bleeding has stopped!

Omg… Three weeks into the trial, my period came. A normal 6-day period that ended when it was supposed to! I’m so happy. You have changed my life! My husband and I am so happy 😉


This lady has been suffering with undiagnosed debilitating period related issues. 

My period came this morning, but I could feel the arrival last night. 

I'm not crying, vomiting, or on all fours deep breathing. The pain is minimal, and a hot water bottle and dog cuddles have been sufficient this morning 😍

I'm super surprised at how effective the renewal is! 

I asked my partner how I’ve been this month (grumps, mood swings, dark cloud above my head, etc), and he said, “Better than the previous month” “significantly less grumps, but still some.” 

- note: my partner doesn't sugarcoat his delivery 😅


These results after one week of taking renewal!!

I just finished my period, and it was already much improved, even with a week on the renewal blend. 

I only had to really on my tens machine for second day - normally needed for 2-3 days. I also noticed that it was a little more balanced, with days 3-4 being a bit lighter than my previous norm and finishing cleanly on day 5. I usually get 3-5 days where it's on-off bleeding, too 

Definitely had much more energy since using the renewal blend!

I've also not had the severe energy crash after my period this time either. Still a little fatigued, but so much better than before. Normally it takes me almost the whole cycle to feel energised again.😁🤍


Another fantastic result!

Today, my body was clear in that it wanted a smoothie with a side of fruit. I was trying to tell myself that I wanted a sausage egg sandwich, but it was very insistent on the smoothie. 

Anyway, now, I've been focused on a single task (!!!) for over an hour, with no sugar cravings. Normally, I would have reached for a couple of choc biscuits by now, checked my phone, got distracted etc. 

Also, my period came Saturday, and the bleed was lighter, the pain was less, there was no crying, and tbh, feeling really good today! 

totally blown away by the blend. I'll be honest, I was skeptical!


This is all so brilliant.. Look forward to letting you know how Willow gets on Xx

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