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Where to find our products out in the wild!

We really appreciate that you support our business directly by purchasing from our website but did you know you can also support us and other awesome businesses by buying in-store at:

  • Infinity foods - Brighton
  • Joio - Lampeter
  • New Medical Hall - Tregaron
  •  Mystic earth  - 15 Great Darkgate St, Aberystwyth 
  • The health shop - Mumbles Swansea
  • Plumvanilla  - 2A St James St, Narberth
  • The riverbank - Tregaron SY25 6QS
  • Essie may- Kilkenny: in store and online for delivery in Ireland 
  • Marvellous Superfood products are no longer available on Amazon because doing so became unsustainable for us as small business owners, read more about this here.  Whilst we cannot compete with same day/next day deliveries, rest assured that our packages are handpicked with love, care and compostable packaging.


Thinking of stocking our products?

We'd love to hear from you!  Please contact us via email info@marvelloussuperfood.co.uk or our contact form and we will get back to you.