Fermented chips

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Fermented chips

🙌 Hands up who’s tried fermented chips?🙌

I know what you’re thinking what’s the point in frying fermented food? Surely all the bacteria will die?

🍃Well yes it does die but when you cook ferments the probiotics turn in to prebiotic’s and feed the good bacteria in your gut🍃

Fermenting potatoes also removes a lot of the starch and sugars making them healthier and easier to digest.

⭐️Besides all that they are super delish⭐️

The flavour of the garlic and herbs goes right in to the chips and makes them taste amazing.

Serve with our fermented Salsa for a super gut healthy snack.

⭐️let us know if you give them a go ⭐️

Here’s my recipe.

Lacto-ferment the potatoes
1. Wash and scrub away any dirt from the potatoes, but don’t peel them.
2. Cut the potatoes into strips
3. Place in a kilner type clip top jar
4. Ad garlic cloves and herbs of choice
5. Ad 1tbs good quality salt
6. Cover with filtered or boiled water (or we’ll water if your lucky like me )
7. Ferment in a warm part of your kitchen for 2-4 days.

🔥How to cook the fermented chips
You can cook fermented chips just the same way as you would regular chips Just keep in mind that they are already seasoned so don’t add salt until after you have tasted them.

Remove the chips from the brine and pat them dry. Drop them into a pan of hot cooking oil and fry until golden brown. The exact time will depend on the thickness of your potatoes and how long you fermented them.🔥Fermented chips

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