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Compostable packaging.

Our compostable packaging journey.

Want to know how we went from plastic to FANTASTIC with our eco switch to 100% fully compostable packaging?…

6 years ago we were using unrecyclable plastic pouches like all other superfood companies.

We knew we needed to do better!  We didn’t want to be contributing to the global problem of plastic pollution. 

So we did our research and this is what we found..

Only 9% of the global production of plastic actually gets recycled.  Around half of all paper and cardboard and two thirds of plastics get shipped off to Europe or Asia for recycling, but sadly, since China refused to take our waste most of this is burnt or sent to landfill in the country that it arrives in. 

All that energy to hide our waste that ends up creating pollution and toxic environments out of our view!  It just wasn’t good enough and didn’t sit right with us!

So we worked hard, researching and developing a fully compostable packaging system!  

Here is our list of 100% compostable alternatives:

  • Everyday see-through plastic bags can be replaced with plant cellulose. It looks like plastic, acts like plastic, but breaks down like plants! Widely available – we buy ours from www.thebagandboxman.co.uk.
  • Our stand up pouches fully break down in your home compost in just 10 weeks! We buy ours from www.jamosolutions.co.uk.
  • We have 100% recycled, untreated labels. We buy ours from www.instantprint.co.uk.
  • Our paper tape and unprinted cardboard boxes are from www.rajapack.co.uk.
  • We’ve even found vegan ink and upcycled custom wooden stamps from www.stampit.co.uk.

Sadly compostable packaging is still more expensive than the planet polluting plastic alternative, but you can’t put a price on doing your bit for the planet.


So that's all great but what about when you've finished with your Marvellous Superfood products?...

For a healthy compost, as well as your food waste, you need to add 70% brown waste (cardboard, unbleached paper) and this fuelled our choices for our new packaging.

So from our superfood pouches to our gift hampers, once you’ve finished with our products you can pop it ALL into your compost!

If you don’t have a garden space to allow for home composting you can pop it into your local council compost collection bin!

Feeding you, the worms and your soil!

It’s a complete WINNER!

How to use our compostable packaging with our home compost recipe.

Our recipe for a delicious (to the microorganisms that is) compost that will return nutrients to your soil is this,

70% brown waste – Thats all our packaging as well as cardboard and unbleached paper

30% green waste – Food scraps from making your smoothies and garden waste.

Reduce moisture level by keeping a lid on it and make sure to give it plenty of air by turning it regularly!


If you’d like to read more about ‘What really happens to your rubbish’, read the Guardian article here.

To view our range of products with fully compostable packaging shop here.

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