The story of marvellous superfood.

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The story of marvellous superfood.

Do you know the story of marvellous superfood?


It all started with my mum dixey.

She wanted her big family to have green smoothies everyday, but at the time there wasn’t much in the way of green superfood 

So she used to import one from America 

It worked out very costly and wasn’t exactly what she wanted.

So she invented the Wellbeing blend.

Back then it was just called Marvellous superfood, she bought 1kg bags of all 7 ingredients and mixed them up in the kitchen in a big bowl.


We all loved her green smoothies and soon word got out about her Marvellous superfood and friends started asking to buy it, soon she was getting messages from friends of friends asking to buy it.


Lots of those original people are still using mums greens superfood now called Well-being blend! 

In 2012 we decided to make it official and turned marvellous superfood in to a company.


Over the years our range has grown and mum has retired from the company 

To focus on her artwork

She  still takes her wellbeing blend everyday maybe that’s why she’s so young and vibrant at age 72.

I still make her recipe and lots of my own recipes now too.


Our family business is still going strong 

Now I run it from my Welsh small holding.

Creating mixing packing and posting out your orders myself.


Every time you shop with us we do a little happy dance so thank you for being here and supporting our mission.

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