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Welsh Food Hero

Welsh Food Hero

Thank you to wales and borders magazine for featuring us as  a welsh food hero this may.

Read the full interview below.


Natural ingredients are all you need for delicious organic blends and protein powders, says Perly Freeman, who runs Ceredigion-based Marvellous Superfood.

Tell us about the business and what you produce

Marvellous Superfood is a Welsh family business. We make high quality, organic superfood blends and plant-based protein powders using all natural products free from refined or artificial sweeteners, flavourings or fillers.

Why did you decide to produce these organic blends?

The business was started by my mum, Dixey Brooks. After finding the superfood blends available in health food shops expensive, and often made from up to 40 different ingredients, she decided to blend her own superfood mixture that would be both nourishing and affordable. She started providing this blend to her family and friends, finding that everyone enjoyed the flavour and health benefits, and so Marvellous Superfood was born. Shortly afterwards, her daughters (one of whom is me) came on board to make the company commercially viable and produce a new line of products. I now run the company.

Where’s the business based?

It was originally run as a home business, but has now been on the High Street in Lampeter for the past four years. We’ve had great support from the local community and have loved being part of this busy little market town. But change is good, so we’ve very recently moved to a custom-made building at home so I can run the business alongside my role as a busy mum to three boys. This has the added bonus of mixing up our glorious green blends while enjoying the verdant views of my garden and the Ceredigion hills.

What do you most love about your products?

We’ve something for everyone and for most ailments! We love all the great feedback from people telling us that our products have helped with everything from fertility to skin problems. Our Wellbeing Blend is packed full of vitamins and minerals and is great for the immune system and for energy. Our protein blends are a quick and easy way to get healthy protein into the cells and our drinking chocolate is delicious and crammed full of magnesium. What’s not to like?!

What’s different about your blends?

All of our blends are 100-percent unique – nobody else makes the same blends we do. We believe our Wellbeing Blend is the most potent green blend available on the market today and our protein shakes are far better for overall health than the standard whey-based shake that’s full of sugar, artificial flavourings and other nasties.

Describe your typical customer

That’s very difficult to do as our range is suitable for everyone from young children to the elderly. We obviously have a lot of sports people who buy our protein blends, but we also sell to families and those looking to improve their immune system in order to battle disease or illness, or just to boost energy and improve overall wellbeing.

What’s your proudest achievement so far with the business?

Marvellous Superfood started as a small company with one product. We now offer over 20 products and have won numerous awards including Great Taste and FreeFrom Food awards, as well as an international Stevie Award for Women In Business. I’d struggle to choose a single achievement that I’m most proud of, but I’m thrilled with of how the business has grown and of the recognition we’ve received.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I’m excited about the move to the new building at home as this will give me more time to put into the business and less time travelling to and from work. I hope to increase sales this year and to continue to get the recognition and awards within the health industry. There might also be a new product or two on the horizon…


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