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Organic Coconut blossom sugar


Coconut blossom sugar is derived from the flowers that grow on coconut trees! It is a natural, unrefined sweetener, that has a rich caramel flavour.

It has a dietary fibre called Inulin in it that helps keep your gut healthy and balance your blood sugar levels.

All products are 100% vegan-friendly, organic, plant based and free from dairy, gluten and soya.

View our coconut blossom sugar paired with our Organic drinking chocolate and cookies for the perfect Vegan Treat here.

Why choose coconut sugar?

Coconut blossom sugar is also known as coconut palm sugar or coconut flower nectar when its in its liquid form. Compared to standard table sugar, coconut sugar contains 25% less sucrose, and includes healthy fats that can help prevent high cholesterol and heart disease.  As well as this it is full of gut health boosting, dietary fibre, Inulin.


Coconut palm... and nothing else!

We are proud to source all of our ingredients from certified organic suppliers with exceptional fair-trade standards and ethics. Fair-trade plantations provide vital employment to many local people, especially women, who can work close to home and get paid a fair living wage. The flowers of the coconut tree used to create the sugar is produced in the optimum soil and production conditions that it requires to be at it's best quality, and it is grown in Indonesia.

All box contents are made from 100% plant-based and compostable eco-friendly packaging.