Clean eating for gut health?

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Clean eating for gut health?

Want to know why we never include these ingredients in our protein powders and superfood blends?

Its down to our dedication to offer you clean eating, gut healthy protein powders.

We’ve conducted some market research and when we found that 9/10 protein powders contain these harmful ingredients we were horrified!
Now we’re not going to name names but please avoid ‘health based’ products that contain these,
Soy protein – A very common allergen producing an allergic response in some sensitive individuals. It causes digestive complaints such as constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and nausea. Soy cultivation is extremely destructive on the ecosystem.  Most rainforest clearance is for soy production.
Sucralose – Definitely NOT a healthy alternative to sugar! It can change your gut microbiome by lowering the good bacteria by half!  It also promotes inflammation in the gut which can lead to ulcerated colitis, Crohn’s disease and bowl cancer.
Sucralose increases insulin resistance leading to obesity, mitrochondrial problems and metabolic dysfunction.
Emulsifiers – If they are derived from soy then they can cause the same allergic and gut damaging response as soy protein. If they are from synthetic sources then they promote inflammation and reduce gut diversity with outcomes such as obesity and insulin resistance.
Protein isolates – These are highly refined and stripped of all nutrients except the protein.  You loose any health benefits of the proteins natural source.  Some protein isolates, such as whey can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
So are you ready to switch to a clean eating plant-based protein powder?
We only use organic whole proteins and nutrient dense superfoods to provide you with a health boosting, gut healthy protein powder to add to your smoothies.
Try our Free From food award winner Super protein here.
Or our chocolate and vanilla Protein blend flavoured with raw cacao and Madagascan vanilla – Nutrient Pure powder here.
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