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What is the Renewal Blend?

Renewal is designed to bring balance by boosting your physical, mental & emotional self to create growth and change in your life.

A careful mix of; 

Lion's mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maca, Ashwagandha, Cacao, Lucuma and Pea protein.
Renewal grew from demand for an effortless practical solution to stabilise and bolster the entire body.
Harnessing the power of natural plants to sharpen cognition, balance hormones and fortify the adrenals and immune system.
Users have reported improved sleep quality, enhanced clarity of mind and focus, reduced PMS, more regular periods, increased energy, and decreased stress.

How to use the Renewal Blend?

Simply shake this into your preferred milk, or blend into smoothies. Stir it into yogurt, porridge, or cereal for an easy boost!

How much should you take?

Begin with 1 tbsp and slowly work up to 3 tbsp per day over the period of 3 weeks.

This blend of adaptogens has powerful benefits!
Week one, take 1 tbsp per day
Week two, up it to 2 tbsp ultimately 3 tbsp daily.
Consistency is key! Take daily for a minimum of eight weeks to experience the full benefits.


It's all in the details,

The Mushrooms

Reishi is known as the "mushroom of immortality". It aids immune function, reduces inflammation, promotes relaxation.

Lion's Mane to support brain health, cognitive function, memory, focus, and nerve regeneration.

Cordyceps for energy-enhancing libido and kidney support.

The Superfoods

Maca Organic Peruvian 4 root blend RED, BLACK, PURPLE, YELLOW.  One of the great benefits of this amazing 4 root blend is that it can help regulate, balance and support the hormonal system.  Maca is also known to increase stamina, athletic endurance and libido.

Ashwaganda is an adaptogenoic herb clinically shown to help reduce stress and reduce cortisol levels, enhance focus and mental stamina and reduce irritability and stress related cravings.

Cacao  is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that make your body thrive.  40x the antioxidants of blueberries.  More calcium than cow’s milk.  A Natural Mood Elevator and Anti-Depressant.

Cacao contains prebiotic fibre that good bacteria eat to create fatty acid chains. These fatty acids benefit your digestive system.

Pea protein is an ideal protein source for athletes due to its exceptionally high protein, iron and lysine content.  Our pea protein is jam-packed with a whopping 78% protein content!  It also provides a unique array of amino acids.

Lacuma contains antioxidants, which protect your cells from free radicals.  It contains vitamin C and beta-carotene a vitamin A derivative), both of which help maintain skin health.  Vitamin C boosts collagen formation.  Rich in Prebiotics fibers.

Feedback from our Renewal trail group!

Don't just take our word for it...

  • “This week I have had my period and I noticed more energy than usual, a lighter flow, and no cramps.”
  • "Since using Renewal I’ve felt much more calm and stable and even though the external stress factors are there I am able to stay calm and deal with the situation in a more level headed way."
  • “Last night I had mine later than usual and had it as dinner, then I had a late night concentration phase, I got very focused on work and it was great!"


So you want to feel the benefits of our Renewal Blend?

We've got some fabulous ways for you to try.  

Buy a bag of our Renewal Blend here.  You can try our smaller 150g size or go all in for the 1kg.

However, we also have our BRAND NEW RENEWAL CLUB.  For those who are committed to living their best life and sign up for the subscription, we will support and cheerlead you all the way.  Read more about the benefits here.

We're ALWAYS up for a chat, if you have any questions drop us a message or come and say 'Hi' on social media @superfoodwales

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