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Wellbeing: Our daily immune system boosting blend

The ultimate superfood powders for our Wellbeing blend.

We have carefully chosen nutrient dense green superfood powders and more to help boost health, immunity and energy levels.

  • Barley grass - Some studies suggest that barley grass may help with weight loss, support heart health and improve blood sugar levels.
  • Wheat grass - Wheat grass can be associated with health benefits such as weight loss, lowering cholesterol, decreasing inflammation and a better control of blood sugars.
  • Spirulina - It may reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and improve the levels of blood lipids, whilst preventing oxidation of the fatty structures in the body (which can cause many serious diseases).
  • Chlorella - can help remove toxins out of the body, as well as improve cholesterol and better control the blood sugar levels.
  • Hemp seeds - Alongside providing a whole host of essential elements the body needs, hemp may also provides eight essential amino acids. The human body uses these amino acids to make proteins to help the body grow, repair body tissue and break down food.
  • Beetroot - beetroot can help normalise blood pressure and improve muscle function.
  • Kelp - studies have found kelp to raise energy levels and boost brain function by providing iodine. The natural fibre of alginate is also in kelp, which may help stop the gut from absorbing fat, and therefore aid in weight loss.

You'll ONLY find these ingredients in our Wellbeing blend.  We never use any fillers, sweetener or emulsifiers.

Wellbeing is a smooth, easily digestible, nutritious blend of seven, organic, raw superfoods:  chlorella, spirulina, barley-grass, wheat-grass, kelp, hemp protein and beetroot all in equal parts and NOTHING ELSE!

Regular users of this blend report an improved immune system, more energy and clearer skin.  Blend it into smoothies, stir into juice or knock back in a shot of water.

Fancy boosting your smoothie with our Wellbeing blend, visit our shop.

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