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Peanut Butter Protein Energy Balls

Peanut Butter Protein Energy Balls

Peanut butter is packed with healthy fats and protein which makes it the ultimate pre/post workout snack. Chia seeds not only compliment the texture of these protein balls, but they have high amounts of fibre and antioxidants. As well as this treat being super nutritious, it also has added protein from the Marvellous Superfoods Pea Protein. If you are wanting to eat something quick and easy before a yoga class, grab one of these tasty protein filled truffles.


½ cup peanut butter
1 ½ rolled oats
1 tbsp pea protein
1-2 tsp cinnamon
3 tbsp ground almonds
1 tsp chia seeds
½ white chocolate or milk chocolate

1. In a bowl, combine all ingredients together until you get a smooth doughy paste that you
can roll into little truffles.
2. Divide the batter smaller portions to create balls.
3. If you would like the batter to be thicker, you can add more almonds.
4. Place the balls into the fridge to set and melt the chocolate in separate container.
5. Dip the balls into the chocolate mixture and enjoy!

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