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Maca Energy Bites

Maca Energy Bites

Maca is one of those up and coming superfoods that everyone is raving about and rightfully so. Maca is known for its hormone balancing benefits as well as its great energizing component. These Marvellous Superfood Maca Energy Bites are full of nutritious ingredients and taste amazing.

 ½ cup pepitas or pumpkin seeds
 ½ raw sunflower seeds
 ½ cup raw pistachios
 1 tbsp maca powder
 1 tbsp chia seeds
 10 medjool dates
 ½ tsp sea salt
 2-3 tbsp water
1. In food processor, grind up pistachios, chia seed, sunflower seeds, pepitas, sea salt and maca powder to a smooth consistency.
2. Add dates and continue to pulse.
3. Lastly, add in water. 1 tbsp at a time until dough starts to form.
4. Roll into balls and place in fridge.

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